FTP via FTP Client for MAC & PC users*
After you submit your info you will receive a pop-up window that will give you the following:
Server Name, Login, Password and Subdirectory, if you are new to using an FTP Client see "Using your FTP Client, the basics" below.
To get your FTP login to NML please provide the following information (green is required):
First Name:    Last Name:   E-mail:          
    Company (optional): 

Job Definition -- The files I am uploading are to go with:
AN EXISTING JOB   Please enter a Job Name or NML Job Number:
A NEW ORDER For new orders please include complete instructions with your files.
IMPORTANT: If you send files without a job number, job name or instructions, you will delay the processing of your order.
Please include any additional instructions below
(required for NEW ORDERs):
*This is for all users who have FTP Client software (Fetch, WS_FTP, FileZilla, etc...) and do not have an FTP account with NML.
You must disable Pop-up blockers and make sure your Firewall is set to allow access.
This program is going to generate a temporary Login and personal folder on our FTP server for you to copy your files.
Using your FTP Client, the basics:
If your program doesn't open with a connection wizard or a connection window, go to FILE and select New Connection or just Connect.
Some programs ask you to NAME your connection call it GONML-Temp (temp because this is a temporary folder - they are deleted periodically).
Some programs get right to the nitty-gritty and ask for Host or Host Name.
Host (or Host Name): enter our IP address from the line SERVER NAME line above (only enter the IP address and not "SERVER NAME")
User ID (or Login): enter the LOGIN we provide (donot enter the word LOGIN)
Password: enter the PASSWORD we provide (do not enter the word PASSWORD)
Initial Directory (or Remote site folder): enter the SUBDIRECTORY we provide (do not enter the word SUBDIRECTORY)
That's all you need to make your connection, if you save the above as GONML-Temp for future transfers you will only have to
enter the new SUBDIRECTORY (this way you can reuse the connection).
NOTE: We regularly delete these temporary directories, so for each job, return to our FTP form, and generate a new SUBDIRECTORY, when you revisit the FTP form puts a cookie on your machine which remembers you and you won't have to fill in your information again.
You will need an FTP Client to send us your files.
You can get a trial version of FETCH at: Fetchsoftworks (MAC).
You can get a trial version of WP_FTP at: WS_FTP_Home (PC)
There are others to choose from, you can review them at CNET.COM (search for "FTP Clients").
How Do I Know My Files Have Copied? All FTP clients show the copy progress and also alert you when completed.
Do I need to email NML when I'm done? No, the submission process sends NML an email that you are attempting to upload files
(this is why we ask for your email address on the login form).
If you encounter any difficulties please call, or Email tech support.