FTP with any Browser for the PCs
If you are unfamiliar with the procedure - don't worry it's easy - or give us call and we'll be glad to walk you through it..
The following information in green is required:
First Name:    Last Name:    Phone: 
E-mail:    Company (optional): 
Job Definition -- The files I am uploading are to go with:
AN EXISTING JOB (NML Job Number, or your Job Name): 
A NEW ORDER For new orders please include complete instructions with your files.
IMPORTANT: If you send files without a job number, job name or instructions, you will delay the processing of your order.
Please include any additonal instructions below (required for New Orders):
(button turns blue if not click here for fix)
use for WINDOWS XP, 7 and 8
use for WINDOWS 10
1. Press Send Files for your system it is important to reduce you window size if you work with windows Maximized see 2.
2. If you can't see or lose your FTP window
Reduce the size of your windows, you must be able to see all windows -- see sample below).
3. Open a NEW window and navigate to where your files are on your computer, Drag and Drop your files from the NEW window into the FTP window
    Do not click or try to copy files into blue area of FTP window -- see sample below --
The panels on the left, which are blue in this example may be another color on your machine
4. Be sure all POP-UP blockers are disabled or set to ALLOW pop up from gonml.com & printnml.com.
How Do I Know My Files Have Copied? Depending on your connection speed you may or may not see a countdown bar. Regardless, when the file is completely copied it will appear in the window as in above.
Do I need to email NML when I'm done? No, the submission process sends NML an email that you have just attempted to upload files (this is why we ask for your email address on the login form).
See Drag and Drop example below -- If you encounter any difficulties please call, or Email tech support.
Printing Short Runs Drag the file from
your file directory
and drop it in
the FTP window
If you cannot access this service at all, download a trial version of an ftp client software like WS_FTP Home (trial versions are good for 30 days) or a free one like FileZilla, once you've installed it go to and use the "FTP for MAC and FTP Client Users" of our FTP service instead.
To view other ftp clients go to www.cnet.com.