File Upload with any Browser
1. Fill-in required info.
2. Press Blue Send Files
3. New Page press the + Add files... button to get your files
4. Click the upload button, or add more files to upload and
    then click your upload buttons..
Upload as many files as you need,
if you have a whole folder to upload please Zip, or Stuffit into one file to save time.
File formats permited: indd, psd, qxd, ai, eps, pdf, jpg, tif, gif, png, xls, doc, docx, csv, txt, zip, sit.
if you have a different or new format please call.
Maximum File Size: 50 megabytes (50,000 KB), Maximum Number of Files is unlimited.
The following information in green is required when complete click blue Send Files button:
First Name:    Last Name:    Phone: 
E-mail:    Company (optional): 
Job Definition -- The files I am uploading are to go with:
AN EXISTING JOB (NML Job Number, or your Job Name): 
A NEW ORDER For new orders please include complete instructions with your files.
IMPORTANT: If you send files without a job number, job name or instructions, you will delay the processing of your order.
Please include any additonal instructions below (required for New Orders):
(button turns blue if not click here for fix)
How Do I Know My Files Have Copied? When the progress bar finishes you will see: File upload successful.00
Do I need to email NML when I'm done? No, the submission process sends NML an email that you have just attempted to upload files
(this is why we ask for your email address on the login form) -- If you encounter any difficulties please call, or Email tech support.